How to Replace Your Freezer-Above-Fridge Door Handle

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September 9, 2019
Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator door handles do not last forever. With great appliances like a reliable classic fridge model, it’s not surprising if the fridge outlasts its own handles. Especially if you have small children or accident, prone residents. If your fridge and/or freezer door is damaged and in need of replacement, the good news is that this is an easy fix.

For a Freezer-above-Fridge model, it should be relatively easy to find a new handle of the correct make, model, and color. If your fridge model is no longer in production, the part may be locatable through a repair service or independent sellers on eBay if you are careful to find genuine part sources.


As usual, be sure to gather your supplies before you start the repair. You may want to turn off your fridge during this repair but as there are no relevant electrical parts, it is a matter of energy efficiency rather than safety.

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Soapy Sponge or Cloth & Cleaner
  • New Door Handles

Step 1: Open Doors & Locate Handle Screws

Open up your fridge and/or freezer doors to find the two screws holding them in place. 

Step 2: Remove Handle Screws

Remove the screws you can see with a Phillips head screwdriver. You may notice that the door handles do not come off immediately when you pull the screws away.

Step 3: Rotate Door Handles Down Away from Fridge

There is a hidden screw inside the handle that acts as a fastening hinge. Instead of trying to remove this screw, rotate the handles down away from the fridge about 6 inches to the release position. 

Step 4: Push Up/Down & Release

From here, each handle releases in the same way, but in the opposite direction. For your freezer door, push the handle up firmly to release it from the inner screw. For the fridge door, push down firmly to release the handle from the door.

  • Freezer Door: Push Up to Release
  • Fridge Door: Push Down to Release

Step 5: Clean the Door Surface

Fridge and freezer doors can get pretty grimy over time, and some of that grime can drip behind the handle connection. Before you attach the new handle or handles, wipe down the fridge door where they will be connecting with soapy water or all-surface cleaner.

Step 5: Position the New Handle

Now grab your new handle or handles and set them about where the old handles came off. Position them over the fastening screws as the previous handles were connected. You should be able to feel that it is correct.

Step 6: Press Down/Up to Lock

Now push the handle into place the same way the old ones came off. Pull the freezer door handle up to fasten and pull the fridge door handle down to fasten.

  • Freezer Door: Push Down to Fasten
  • Fridge Door: Push Up to Fasten

Step 7: Line Up and Secure New Handles with Screws

With each handle, twist into place until it lines up with the screw holes. Using the same old screws or new screws that came with the handles, fasten the handles into place from the inside of the door.

Step 8: Open & Close Doors

When you’re sure the handles are completely installed, use them to open and close the repaired door(s) a few times. This should assure you that the new handles are sturdy, properly attached, and sufficient for several more years of good service from your Frigidaire.

—Not everything about a fridge is difficult to fix. Your gaskets, shelves, and door handles are all well within the average homeowner’s ability to repair with nothing but a screwdriver and a quick guide. 

However, if your fridge troubles seem electrical in nature, be very careful about your approach to repairs. Always unplug an appliance before investigating it’s control panels and consider calling a repair service to ensure that the job is done safely. For more information about appliance repair, contact us today!


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